My name is Mary Wairiri. I am a Kenyan based in the USA. l relocated here in 2001.  I was brought up in Molo Town, worked and settled in Nakuru, Rift valley, Kenya.  After high school, I trained as a teacher and I was awarded a diploma in teaching. On arrival in the United States, I joined the Middlesex community and Salem state College respectively.  I am now a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Psychology.    I have worked in various companies as a developmental Social Worker and not limited to Mental Health Specialist.

I got connected with Global Bridges International when I was in the process of trying to seek help for my brother who has exhibited mental illness since 1985. We have struggled to get him better but all has been in vain.  My mother and sister in law are now left to manage his care.

As the U.S Based Kenya Coordinator for Global Bridges, Inc I am committed to working passionately to bring social work training to members of our community so that families like ours are not left to struggle on our own. l am optimistic that with Global Bridges, we will be able to reach out not only to my brother but hopefully my entire community. Many in my community made me feel like I abandoned my family in this time of crisis by moving to the U.S.  Now, more than ever, my father’s parting words remain a source of strength. He told me go to America and make the best of myself. I see now, that my time in the U.S has not been in vain, and rather, has equipped me with the training and connections I need to make a difference for mental illness in Kenya.